Easy Turkish food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Turkish food

Turkish food

Turkish food is one of the best foods around the Globe. Turkish cuisines have the authentic point that it covers all the influences from central Asia to Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean to the Middle East and around the Globe. The key ingredients used in Turkish foods mainly consist up of vegetables, legumes, meat, and their meals are usually soupy having a kind of stew or stock in them.

Bread is the most baked and used and popular among Turkish foods. Consequently, the trademarks of Turkish foods consist of eggplant dishes, doner kebabs, Turkish kebabs, and Turkish ravioli. Also, Turkish uses herbs and spices in their foods but they are not particularly very spicy.

Let’s dig into the best Turkish foods ever!

Piyaz Salad Bean

A Turkish salad cuisine made up of parsley, dry beans with onion, hard-boiled eggs, and sumac. It is one of the most famous cuisines in turkey. This is served as a side dish throughout the country mostly in the kebab shops.

The name pyaz derives from the Iranian old word of “pidaz” for vegetables named as an onion but with the time it this name was adopted for the mezes or salad made with onion.

Its secret ingredient is beans: this is not just a bean but a little version named as candir after the inland province, the place where they have grown. Being delicate and flavorful, they are mixed with tahini thinned along with a little amount of water, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, and parsley. Moving to the very traditional version a soft boiled egg is being chopped up and mix them well before serving the salad.

Yaprak Dolma

 A Turkish cuisine that is made of leaves, mostly grapes leaves, and jammed with rice and other ingredients. It is the traditional recipe of turkey, can say grape wine leaves rolled and filled with delicious meat. The basic filling ingredients for this cuisine are fresh parsley, paprika, mint, pepper paste, and lemon.

Greeks and Turkish believed that yaprak dolma was invented by them but history says a different story. It is beamed that when Alexandra marched into the city of Thebes in 335 BC, he was taken aback by the plates of stuffed wine leaves having filling inside it for the grand welcome by his soldiers and generals.

They are made when grape leaves are soaked in the brine to make them softer, then a spoonful of the mixture is placed on the vine leaf or jammed with semi-cooked rice and then carefully folded by gentle hands and put in the cylinder placed nearby.

Perde Pilav

Turkish cuisine is a traditional Turkish cuisine that is made up of jamming of rick and chicken, dough is filled with onion and peanuts and topped with almonds and dry fruits.it contains a cake size shape and is served in slices. It is also known as the duvakli pulao.

This delicious cuisine is made in the region of siirt that is located in southeastern turkey and was cooked in the “fez” shaped pot.

The dough of this delicious cuisine is made with eggs, flour, butter, and yogurt, the filling of dough can be done by using rice chicken almonds, pine nuts, butter, currants, and spices i.e. salt, pepper, and oregano. It is usually served at weddings and Turkish events.


It is one of the most iconic Turkish dishes worldwide. This Turkish cuisine consists up of a stratified pastry that is packed with nuts and covered in syrup or honey and ground pistachios and it is a lifetime unforgettable Mediterranean dessert ever. It stands out as the most favorite dessert of Turks. It is found mostly in bakeries and restaurants when they even much well when they are freshly baked. They are usually consumed by the wealthy families of Turkey.it is also called by the name fistikli baklava or pistachio baklava.

The desert was first associated with Greeks and Iris and its exact origins can’t be identified yet, but the Modern baklava had invented by the Turks during the Ottoman Empire and then they are modified in Greece.

The basic ingredients needed for this cuisines are finely crushed pistachios, water, lemon juice, syrup made of sugar or can also use honey, butter finely crushed pistachios, and phyllo dough


Turkish cuisine is a kind of ceremonial chicken or meat and wheat or barley stew. A Cuisine makes the Turks warm from inside and is served mainly in weddings and other celebration events. It is also named kaskhkak and kashkek. It is also distributed on Holy occasions like Ramadan Kareem, Kurban holidays, public prayers for rain, and more.

Its origin is in Turkey is pointed to kashk, when Iran had milk of sheep added to the flour and meat wheat and barley that is being mixed in equal parts in the era 16th to 18th century. It was the cuisine of Turkey as well as the cuisine of Greek and Iranians. Later on, in 1911 it was added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey by UNESCO.

It is made by cooking the cracked meat and wheat in a pot for a long time before jamming with the butter. Chicken and chickpeas are also used for preparing this delicious cuisine.  

Baba Ghanoush

A famous southern Turkish cuisine is a cuisine made up of olive oil, lemon juice, cooked eggplant, tahini, and various seasonings. It is used as an appetizer and is also called baba ghanouj and also it has an earthy taste. It can be served with raw vegetables like bell pepper sticks, cucumber rounds, and carrot sticks.

Some people say that this cuisine was invented in Egypt that is migrated northwards to Persia around 1000 years ago, but some object to this and says that it is originated by Turks and Arabs.

It is the aubergine dip made up of mixing the mashed aubergine along with the olive oil, garlic, lemon, and yogurt. Fresh pepper and Sesame paste are also added in this cuisine sometimes. It is found as the most liked starter and appetizer offered by Turkish restaurants.

If you ever visit Turkey, must try these dishes and enjoy your meal!

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