Unveiling Thai Food: A Guide to Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Khao Soi, Kai Pad Krapow & Som Tam

Thai Food

Thai food

Thai foods are also one of the most popular and liked foods worldwide. These foods are liked for their strong and unique flavors. Its specialty is that it is both healthy and tasty: healthy in a sense that they consume a large number of vegetables in their cuisines and tasty in a sense that foods are blends of many bitter, sweet, tasty, and salty flavors.

This is why they are known best for the excess use of fresh vegetables, spices, and herbs. The basic ingredients used in Thai foods are shrimp paste, fish sauce, lemongrass, galangal, garlic, cilantro, chilies, and shallots peppers. Best Thai foods are as follows:

Thai Food
Thai Food

Tom young Gong

It is also known as spicy shrimp soup and also listed as a sour and sweet prawn soup.it is the iconic bowl of soup consist up of streaming goodness that is aromatic, bold having a fairly strong spicy kick. If the recipe is without the shrimps then it is only known as tom young, not tom young gong.it is also prepared as the base in which herbs and different spices are added.

This is not completely known that how Tom young gong invented but it is said that it is a Thai soup that is originated from central Thailand, the place where there is plenty of fresh shrimps and is located in the Chao Phraya River.

It is prepared by the essential ingredients that are chili, lemongrass, galangal, shallots, kaffier lime leaves, chili, and fish sauces. I case if you want the creamy version, you can also add mushroom, fresh prawns, and coconut cream.

Pad Thai

A cuisine is a Thai style fried noodles and is one of the national foods of Thailand and is made with jamming the shrimp or chicken with noodles. It is mainly served as street food as part of the country’s cuisine in Thailand’s restaurants. The most liked flavor of Thai people is the one in which tamarind paste is added. It is delicious and authentic because the essential ingredients of this cuisine are imported from Thailand.

A cuisine was prepared by Plaek Phibunsongkhram who was the prime minister of Thailand at that time in the 1930s.it was prepared for the sake of focus on nations building by the prime minister. Then, he prepared this cuisine by using noodles and named it pad as a way to motivate nationalism among the Thai people.

The basic ingredients used in this cuisine are scrambled eggs, shrimp, sauces, vegetables, rice noodles, chili pepper, fish sauces, tofu, peanuts, garlic, beansprouts, brown sugar, lime, and Tamarind paste. The vegetarian option is also on the list of pad Thai flavors.

Khao Soi

A cuisine also known as Chin haw dish is a coconut curry noodles soup that is served in Laos and northern Thailand. You will feel its tastes like a green or red curry. A cuisine is super healthy in the way that it accommodates the middle chain of essential fatty acids from coconut milk. Tersely, it is just not good for your waistline as well as for your brain and also it gives you a satisfying feeling of being healthy.

It is a mixture of curry and noodles. Its origin is Chiang Mai when the Muslims in the late 19th or 20th century moved to Thailand and started living in the Chiang Main. There, they mixed the curry from Muslims and noodles from Chinese and made a unique dish knows as Kha soi.

The basic ingredients used for this dish are coriander, dried chili, turmeric, shallot, coconut milk, noodles, cardamom, ginger, and cumin.

Yum Nua

Delicious cuisine is a spicy beef salad made by mixing plenty of herbs, beef, aromatics, and lime juice. It is a very famous salad as used as an appetizer in Thailand. It is ranked among the top 10 foods in Thailand.

A mouthwatering dish was prepared by the food writer T. Susan chin.

The basic ingredients used for making this delicious salad are palm sugar, fish sauce, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, red chilies, spring onions, beef, coriander leaves, black pepper, vegetable oil, salt, and vinegar. Mixing up all the ingredients you will get a delicious salad ever.

Kai now

A cuisine is a traditional Thai omelet that consists up of a puffed-up texture that is further created by frying the whisked eggs in the hot oil having fish sauce, green onions, and sometimes beef in it. Cuisine can also be spelled as Khai Jiao, kai jaw, and kai jew. It is used as street food and is served mainly on rice or with sweet chili sauce. It is a great starter of your day i.e. breakfast.

It is not known that how and who did invent this omelet but it was prepared by whisking the eggs and more things like onions and beef.

The basic ingredients used for this omelet are whisked eggs, soya sauce, fish sauce, ground raw pork, vegetable oil, herbs, salts, and spices. It is a great protein-rich cuisine that is healthy for both your physical and mental health.

Som Tam

A cuisine is the spicy green papaya salad that is made up of shredded unripe papaya. It enlightens your taste buds and is a healthy and delicious salad that has several flavors and a dreamy balance of sour, sweet, salty, and sour. It is healthy because it has antioxidants that further helps in the firming of the skin and to reduce wrinkles. It is also called by the names tam maak or tam som.

It is originated from the ethnic Lao people as the historians say and believed that cuisine is originated in Lao, this is because this salad is famous among Thailand’s northeastern region of Isan that shares the border with Laos.

The basic ingredients used for the salad are Thai cuisine, fish sauce, papaya, chili pepper, carrot, tomatoes, peanuts, lime, garlic, dried shrimp, green beans, palm sugar, and roasted peanuts. It is the rich protein salad you will ever eat. Hope so if you ever taste these dishes, the taste will remain on your mind forever.

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