A Delicious Journey: Exploring the World of South Asian Foods

South Asian foods

South Asian foods

South Asian foods are one of the healthier foods worldwide and mainly includes cuisines from the Indian sub-continent. Adding a huge amount of vegetables having a variety of fruits and vegetables by the ratio of 3:1 makes it the most unique food among the globe.

These foods provide a sufficient amount of nutrients essential for a regular human diet depending on the food pyramid. The basic ingredients of these foods are cloves, chili, black paper, and spices that are flavored with ghee and butter. The most consumed food in the world of Asia is rice. These foods’ importance is that they show the power of their country.

Fish Amok

A cuisine is a Khymer steamed fish curry consisting of a mousse-like consistency and is one of South Asia’s national cuisines. It is a spicy, delicious, and famous curry of the whole of South Asia. The specialty of this cuisine is its perfect combination of flavors along with the unique Khmer twist. It has been in South Asia for generations and is the must-try dish if you ever happen to visit South Asia. It is served in the banana leaf bowl that attracts visitors and gives positive mouth-watering vibes.

A cuisine is originated from Cambodia that is located on the Indochinese mainland of south Asia and is eaten for generations.

The common ingredients used for this cuisine are fish sauce, coconut milk, chili pepper, egg, kroeung, banana leaf, salt garlic, ginger, turmeric, palm sugar, onion, shallot, coriander, shrimp paste, spinach, and lime zest.


A cuisine consists up of delicious layered rice having the flavor of meat and the cook’s preferred mix spice. It is the most liked dish by south-Asians and worldwide. You can make it with meat, chicken, fish and even vegetables. Its taste is aromatic and fiery and heady along with star anise, black paper corns, and cinnamon. It is called biryani because it is derived from the Persian word Brian that means fried before cooking.

The delicious cuisine is originated in South Asia by the legendary wife of shah Jahan named Mumtaz Mehal who was a very creative lady and had left her mark on history and invented the Biryani.

The basic ingredients used for making biryani are spices, rice, marinade, meat, chicken, vegetables i.e. potatoes, onion, and sometimes boiled eggs. Spices like black cumin and saffron just change the aroma of biryani and give it a unique taste.

Chicken karahi

Delicious spicy cuisine is one made up of chicken having a spicy texture. It is also one of the most eaten and most tried dishes by the people of South Asia. Its unique features are fragrance and tomato-like base and green chili peppers, slivers of ginger, and finishing cilantro. It can be eaten with Roti, naan, and even with rice. It is particularly liked by Pakistan and North India.

It is believed that Chicken Karahi is originated from the province of Pakistan KPK which is mainly the northern frontier of Pakistan. This is the reason it is the most popular cuisine among the Pakistani people.

This cuisine is made up of chicken, spices like garam masala, chili paper, cumin, chili powder, coriander, black paper, and vegetables like onion, tomatoes, garlic, and yogurt.


A spicy cuisine is the traditional food of the Indian subcontinent and is made by using the hooves of the buffalo and cow using different spices. It is so much healthier as it contains bone marrow and is also expensive than beef, mutton, and chicken. It is mainly served on special occasions for special guests. It has a lot of multi-nutrients consisting up of manganese, fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin A.

This cuisine came from the amalgamation of central and south Asian foods. First, in central Asia, it was called the name Pacha. Later or, this was adapted by the cooks of Muslims of Lucknow, Lahore, and Hyderabad of Telangana state. Eventually, it got famous in the whole of South Asia mainly including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

The basic ingredients used for making paya are hooves of goats, cow, lamb, water, and spices like garam masala, cumin, and vegetables like garlic and onion for taste.


A cuisine is the famous sweet snack made by the curly pretzel-shaped rings of the fried flour. It tastes very sweet and is served as the desert. It can be in two colors either yellow or orange. It can also be spicy depending on the texture you made for frying. The specialty of this dessert is that it is not only common in Pakistan but is also an internationally recognized desert. It can be served in hot and cold as well as thick and thin texture.

Jalebi is originated in India, is located in South Asia, and is derived from the Arabic word Zulebia.

The basic ingredients for making this desert are ghee, saffron, Maida, sugar, and sometimes dry fruits. It is made in the way that is first deep-fried the mixture in ghee and then by soaking it in the sugar syrup. It is also used in winters along with hot milk.

Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is cuisine prepared as the grilled chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon, and spices by placing in a tandoor that is a cylindrical clay oven. It is a very delicious meal and is served mainly at events and wedding festivals. It is spicy in taste and smoky in nature. Its red color attracts the people and is a mouth-watering cuisine. Eating it with naan and chatni gives you the satisfaction of unforgettable taste.it is very healthy as it contains a lot of proteins.

It’s originated in India by the Hindu kundal lal Gujral after the 1947 partition of India after opening the restaurant. Later on, it got viral in central as well as in whole Asian countries and even around the globe.

The basic ingredients for making tandoori chicken are garam masala, onion garlic, chicken, lemon, yogurt, coriander, ginger, garlic, and chili pepper.

Explore the South Asia and enjoy this meal for mouth-watering never ending experience.

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