Soaring High with PIA Airlines: A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

PIA Airlines

PIA Airlines

PIA is also known as Pakistan International airline is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. It is supervised under the control of the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for aviation. It has three hubs, the central one is Jinnah international Airport located in Karachi, the secondary hub is Allah Iqbal international airport located in Lahore and the other secondary hub is Islamabad international Airport located in Islamabad. The sub diaries of PIA are Hotel the Scribe in Paris, Sky Rooms that are PVT limited, PIA investments limited, and Roosevelt Hotel.

A headquarter of PIA is Jinnah International Airport located in Karachi, Pakistan. Heading towards the History of PIA the airline was founded on October 29, 1946. First, it was known as orient airways and was based in Calcutta, British India but later on after the independence of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan a leading industrialist named Mr.M.An Ispahani to set up a national airline. Then, it got established on 1 July 1988. 

The main factors of this airline are: 

It is the first airline to fly the Super Constellation from an Asian country. It is the first airline in Asia to operate a jet aircraft. The First airline that got approval from the US aviation Federation. It is the first airline to operate the scheduled helicopter services in the world. The first airline that started flights in Norway.

The first Airline to start Air Safari with jet aircraft in the world. It is the longest-range commercial airline in the world. It was awarded the ISO certification. It was the first airline to introduce an auto-ticketing facility to South Asia. It set up the first planetarium of Pakistan in Karachi. And last but not least it was the first airline to offer seat reservations with the help of mobile communications.

PIA Airlines Services

The services provided by the airline are: provides the utilization of training facilities such as Pakistan Armed forces, Civil Aviation Authority and Major national, Multinational companies; Auditorium including the capacity of 150 audiences in Air-conditioned environment, Sound System, multimedia,

Wi-Fi and training facilities; Mockup including third party training and usable for operator’s evacuation drills; Mini Airport including Check-in systems, Customer Services, EBT, Dangerous Good regulations, and free baggage allowance. It also has dining services including fresh meals.

FlightsPIA offers domestic and international flights connecting major cities around the world.
Deals & OffersCheck their website for special promotions and discounts on flights.
PIA Airlines Services

PIA Airlines Destinations

The destinations of PIA are Bangladesh including Kabul; Bangladesh including Dhaka; Canada including Toronto; China including Beijing; Denmark including Copenhagen; France including Paris; Iraq including Najaf; India including Deli, Mumbai; Italy including Milan; Japan including Tokyo; Malaysia including Kuala Limper; Norway including Oslo; Oman including Muscat; Qatar including Doha; Saudi Arabia including Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina; Spain including Barcelona; Thailand including Bangkok; UAE including Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi; and the United Kingdom including London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

RegionSample Cities
Domestic (Pakistan)Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
InternationalLondon, Manchester (Europe), Dubai (Middle East), Toronto (North America)
PIA Airlines Destinations

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PIA Airlines Packages

The packages offered by PIA are online discounts due to which you can win the gold of ARY jewelers. The global packages consist of a 30% discount on traveling from Canada to Pakistan, special discounts on traveling to Europe, UK and Ireland, Far East and Gulf, and KSA. The packages keep updating from time. To get accurate information, visit the official website of PIA. 

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