Dubai Immigration Process Ultimate Guide

Dubai Immigration Process

Dubai Immigration Process: Dubai is the capital of United Arab Emirates and is one of the wealthiest of the seven emirates that comprises the federation of the United Arab Emirates. The capital is known for its glitzy and innovative establishment and architecture, riches, shopping scenes and the most of the important its palm like structure. It is very safe to live in the Dubai as it is ranked among the top 10 safest places in the world. Dubai is the home of immigrants from around the globe because its nationals prefers to work for the military or government.

Also, people prefer to immigrate to Dubai because of its relative political stability, modern infrastructure and last but not least economic attractiveness. It is also a source attraction for immigrants because in Dubai people can build their careers and can settle along with their families for a longer haul. Dubai welcomes the large number of immigrants because they plays an important role in the economic growth of the city. The capital is 20.82% less expensive than the other countries.

Dubai Immigration Process
Dubai Immigration Process

The immigrants allowed to immigrate after the 1971 to Dubai. They immigrated because they found a facilities like cost of accommodations expensive, a large supply of attractive housing societies, low taxes and high salaries and the expat lifestyle in Dubai. That is why they tend to choose Dubai for residency for adopting the better future. 

The immigration policy of Dubai states that

“All the tourists having the exception of GCC nationals need a visa to visit Dubai and the nationals of many countries can achieve a free visa on arrival in Dubai. Visa is granted for entry as a whole”.

Current rules also states that the individuals who are wishing to change the sponsors or want to change their Visas from tourist to the employment must need to leave the United Arab Emirates first and then re-enter on the new sponsorship or visa. Department will not give them permission to changes the sponsors or Visas by paying the amount of 500 DH for having “Reforming status” without leaving.

Dubai Immigration process

The immigration in the Dubai consist of the following steps:

Approval of Visa quota

The first step of the Dubai immigration and to get the entry visa is to get the Approval of Visa quota from the labor Ministry (LOM). The employer will apply for this on the behalf of the immigrant. The time required for this will take maximum of 3 three working days.

Job offer contract and signature

Second step is to send the job offer agreement for the particular employee’s signature, and after that return it to the employer. The main thing is it should be in both English and Arabic or in the Applicant’s native language if that is different from the above languages. This gives the surety that the offer letter will be received by the MOL and the employee is coming for the valid work position. The time required to complete this process is approximately two working days.  

Approval of application

Before getting the entry visa, the permit application of work should also be improved. During the process, the MOL will base its decision on either no employed Dubai citizen or the sponsor is the Dubai registered corporate entity. The time required for this process is 3-5 working days.

Employment entry visa

After the approval of work permit application, the ministry will issue pink visa that is used to allow the migrants to enter Dubai legally. From the date of issues, this permit will only be valid for 2 months duration and gives the permission to live the applicant in Dubai for a period of 30 days until the Dubai Immigration process is further extended. The time required for this is 3 days.

Visa change of status

During Dubai Immigration process, there are two option that are further proceeded to enter in the Dubai and start the work permit process. If the enter visa is ready to prior then you have just to pick it on the arrival at the airport and if you are already in the Dubai, then you have to apply for the visa for the sake of change of status. This is important because it helps the immigrants to go in and out of the UAE.  After entering the country once, the only have 60 days to complete all the formalities related to change is status visa. If the procedure got late then their visa will be rejected.

Medical Screening and biometrics

Before the issuance of the work permit Visa, Dubai requires all the foreigner to go through the process called medical engineering. It will take the time of only 1 day.

After the process the immigrants is asked to go for biometrics process to the Emirates ID service center. The things that are required for biometrics are employment entry permit and valid original passport. The time for this process will be 1 day.

Medical Screening result and the labor contract signature

After getting the medical screening result it will be added in the application and the time for this will be take only 1 day.

After the process, a labor contract signatures should be submitted as the part of work permit application. The time required for this process is only 14 days and within 14 days this contract has to be sent to the MOL.

Start date contract and medical health insurance

After this process, payroll can officially start through the Official Dubai system once the work permit got received. Time for this process if 5 days.

All the employers should have to provide coverage for immediate because the health insurance is not mandatory in Dubai. The time for this proves will be 5 working days.

Residence Visa

All the immigrants and their family members will need the residency Visa to work and live in Dubai. The visa will be required to register a car, open a bank account and many more. The time for this process will be 3 days.

Emirates ID collection

After that the employee will get an Emirates Id Card in addition to the work permit. This ID card will be useful for the identification purposes of everyday. The time required for this process will be 10 days.

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Dubai Immigration cost

Visa TypeDurationCost (USD)
Tourist Visa (Single Entry)30 days220
Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry)30 days299

Note: This table is for informational purposes only. Costs can vary depending on nationality and other factors. It’s always best to refer to the official Dubai government website or a reputable visa service provider for the latest information.

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