Canada Immigration Process Ultimate Guide


Canada Immigration Process: Canada is a country in North America having ten provinces and three territories. Canada is one of the friendliest places around the globe. This is because Canada does share important values like pride, respect, and a belief in equality and diversity with all its citizens. These values make Canada unique, friendly, peace-loving, and the most secure place to live. Around 82% of Canadians are open-minded, tolerant, and benevolent.

Canada ranks at the no 1 for providing the facilities and good quality of life. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by its size. The living cost of Canada on average is 0.96% less than the other United States and that’s why Canada is known best for providing the facilities to its citizens. 

The immigrations occurred in Canada in 1869. The first immigration policy of Canada following confederations had some restrictions due to which the process became a little bit complexly. But then the immigration was passed in 1869. It is because it provided safety to immigrants during the passage to Canada and secured them from exploitation upon their appearance. The reason for immigrating to Canada were political issues, family reunifications, natural disasters, economic issues, and more. The motivation that brought the immigrants to Canada is its enhanced quality of life and huge economic opportunity.

The most recent immigration of Canada policy states that “They aim to welcome 401,000 new permanents residents in 2021, 411,000 in 2022, and 421,000 in 2023”. 


Ways of Canada Immigration

Immigration has played a vital role in Canada’s history and establishment as a country. With the number of opportunities that people from abroad have to come to Canada, immigration will continue to be an always important part of the growth of Canadian society and the Canadian economy. The best way to be welcomed by Canada is to apply through one of the programs established by the Canadian government, these includes:

  • Express entry
  • Provincial Nomine Program
  • Startup Visa programs
  • Caregiver programs
  • Quebec-Selected skill workers
  • Canada Study Permit
  • Post-Graduation work permit

Canada Express entry

Canada accepts immigration applications online by supporting the express entry system. Applicants who match their qualification criteria submit an online profile which is called an Expression of interest (EOI), under one of three federal immigration programs or a participating provincial immigration program, to the Express Entry Pool. Then, according to the points-based system known as the Comprehension Ranking System (CRS) Candidates,’ the profiles are ranked against each other depending on the skills, experience, language ability, and experience. For the permanent residency, the highest-ranked candidates will be considered for an ITA. The people receiving an ITA should have quickly submitted a full application and payment processing fees, within a delay of 90-days, otherwise, they will be considered illegible and will be rejected. 

Provincial Nomine Program

At both federal and provincial levels, Canada runs a two-tiered immigration system that is offering programs for skilled workers, under the shared jurisdiction between Ottawa and the provinces. Almost all of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories can put forward skilled worker candidates for admission to Canada having the specific skills required by their local economies through the network of PNP (Provincial Nomine Programs). The provinces put forward the immigrants based on the eligibility criteria that address their own needs or the ones they would like to. 

Startup Visa Programs

For getting permanent residency in Canada, immigrants can come to Canada under the startup visa programs. This program goals to enroll unfamiliar entrepreneurs in Canada that further link them with the Canadian private sector businesses. For example venture capital funds, angel investor groups, business incubators and promote the establishment of their start-up business in Canada. A nominated venture capital fund must be clear that it is investing approximately $200,000 in the certified business. A group called a nominated angel investor group should invest approx. $75,000 into the certified business. Thus, entrepreneurs having unique business ideas and the support of Canadian investors can become permanent residents by adopting this program and launch their business here. 

Caregiver Programs

The people who have got enough experience working in Canada giving in-home care to people with high medical needs or children and can apply for permanent residency by applying in the Caregiver programs. 

Quebec-Selected skill workers

The province of Quebec chooses its own skilled working by taking part in this program and can get a permanent residency. 

Canada Study Permit

International students can also get permanent residency in Canada by following criteria:

First, you have to come under a study permit program then you have to apply for a post-graduation permit work, and then last but not least by seeking their permanent residents by expressing through the Express entry system.

Canada aims to welcome more than 350,000 international students every year. Their eligibility terms and conditions include:

They should have in good health and are willing to complete their health examination, they should have been accepted by an educational institute in Canada, should have enough money to pay for their educational expenditures, should have no criminal records.

International students can work in Canada under the following categories:

Without a work-permit on campus, with a work-permit off campus, with a work-permit in c0-op and internship programs. 

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Post-graduation work permit

The people who have gained enough experience under a post-graduation work permit program can go towards a permanent residence application through the Canadian Express Entry System. 

By following the comprehension ranking system used by the Express Entry System Programs, the immigrant’s applications can be assigned points based on:

Work experience, language ability, Skills, educations of the applicant’s spouse, possession of provincial government nominations for getting the permanent residency, various combinations of language skills, work experience, education that further results in more chances of the applicant becoming employed and a lot more. 

By taking part in one of these programs will help you in getting permanent residence and will make you an immigrant of Canada. 

Canada Immigration Cost

You can simply apply for an online application on the Country’s official website by selecting one of the programs defined above. 

CategoryEstimated Cost (CAD)
Visa Application FeeVaries
Medical Exam100-150
Police CheckVaries (by country)
Right of Permanent Residence Fee500
Canada Immigration Cost


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