Australia immigration process Ultimate Guide

Australia Immigration Process

Australia immigration process: Australia is also known as the realm of Australia comprising of the mainland of the Australian continent having the island of Tasmania, and many other islands. It is a democratic, stable, and multicultural nation having several landscapes and rich ancient cultures. It is one of the best healthiest countries in the globe because it offers one of the best Health Care systems to its citizens. It is also famous for its beaches, deserts, and natural wonders. I

t is the largest country in Oceania by area and is the 6th-largest country in the world. No doubt, Australians live and enjoy high-quality life having low population level with fresh air availability. And the things that make the people immigrate to Australia are their lifestyle, great natural landscapes, and beautiful sceneries. They are known for their laid-back lifestyle. The cost of living in Australia is 11.48% higher than in the United States. That means it is slightly expensive in the cost of living than the United States.

The immigration of Europeans to Australia began along with the British Convict agreement of Sydney Covey on January 26, 1788. The first immigration consisted up of the 11 ships carrying 645 officials and 775 convicts, members of the crew, marine, family, and more. People immigrated 1793 to 1850 choose to immigrate to Australia just to start a new phase of their life. They migrated because of Australia’s thriving economy.

Immigration points-based policy of Australia

The recent immigration points-based policy of Australia states that” Australia is only the country that decree the immigration detection for all the “unlawful” arrivals involving the people seeking protection as refugees”.

This is Australia’s most harsh policy and there are a lot of changes that have occurred in the recent policy which includes labor shortages, business visas, new agricultural visas, expanded priority occupation list, new migrants waiting a bit longer to access welfare payments, and more.

Australia Immigration Process

The points-based Australia immigration process

Point-based systems are used to select skilled-based migrant workers in Australia. Thoroughly, there are 60 points of different things you need to qualify for living in Australia. These points are awarded by the following criteria:

First 30 pointsBeing sponsored by an employer that is already living in Australia will give you 30 points for getting Australian citizenship.
Next 20 pointsYou will get 20 points if you are receiving enough amount of salary for your occupation
Next 10 pointsYou can get the remaining 10 points from your English language skills.
Other pointsIf the points are not completing from the above options then you can just the maintenance strategy that is having enough funds in the bank.

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Procedure Required for Australian Point based system

Nominated employment

The first step of this procedure is Nominated Occupation. For being eligible to apply under the General Skilled Migration Program, the applicant must put forward a skilled occupation included on following:

  • The Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
  • The medium and long-term strategic skills list (MLTSSL)
  • The Regional Occupation List (ROL)
  • And The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) list

For the occupation, the applicant should have their skills accessed by the relevant accessing authority.


The immigrating applicants will get scored according to their age groups. For example, the applicant ages between 18-24 will gain 25 points, between 25-32 will gain 30 points, between 33-39 will gain 25 points, between 40-44 will gain 15 points and between 45-49 will gain 0 points.

English language expertise

The immigrant applicants are mandatory to take a test based on the international English level Testing System (IELTS). The applicants will qualify in the three categories. The first one is superior and the one who got scores of 8 or more on the test will gain 20 points. The second one is proficient and the one who got scores of 7 or more on the test and will gain 10 points. And the third one is competent and the one who got scores of 6 or more in test and will gain 0 points.

The applicants from native English Speaking countries do not need to take an English language proficiency test.

Skilled employment

Immigrants Applicants are granted points for employment experience either within Australia or outside Australia. The maximum points for skilled employment are 20. The point distribution inside Australia will be 5 points for 1-year experience, 10 points for 3 years, and 15 points for 5 years, and 20 points for 8 years experience. The point distributions outside Australia will be 5 points for 3 years, 10 points for 5 years, and 15 points for 8 years experience.

Educational Qualifications

The points will be granted for the applicant’s higher degree in such a case. The point distribution among the educational qualifications will be 20 points for a doctorate, 15 points for a Master’s degree 10 points for trade qualification, and 10 points for qualification recognized by the accessing authority.

Australian Qualifications

The Applicants will be granted 5 points if they have any diploma, degree, or trade qualification earned in Australia after at least 2 years of study.

Regional Study

The applicants will be granted 5 extra points if they have any diploma, degree, or trade qualification gained in Australia after at least 2 years of study in a Regional Australia.

Community Language Skills

The Applicants can gain 5 points if they have National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters recognized translator/interpreters  level skills in the community language.

Partner skills and qualifications

The applicants will gain 5 extra points if his/her spouse meets the basic requirements of the Australian system.

Professional year

If you have completed a professional year in Australia in the last 4 years, then you will gain 5 points.

This whole procedure is online, and you will be granted by immigration only if you score more than 60 points in your Australian general skilled migration points test.

Australia immigration Application Cost

Visa TypeFee (AUD)
Skilled Migration (e.g., Subclass 186)4,115+
Student Visa590-630
Visitor Visa105
Plus additional charges (medical, police checks etc.).
Prices are a guide only, check official website for latest fees:

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